Vinyasa Flow Level I



Class length: typically 60-75 minutes
Focus: Give students (new and experienced) a deeper understanding of the following: breath, bandhas (internal energetic ‘locks’), the energetic and physical bodies, various namaskars (sun/moon salutes and their variations), standing postures, some fundamental seated postures and balancing poses, alignment, basic inversions and backbends. Every class is different, and most will have music. Prepare to learn and be challenged, as we hold postures longer to build flexibility, strength, stamina and a sound basic knowledge of the vinyasa flow style. May or may not use props, but often will.
Pace: Fewer vinyasas between asana (postures); hold postures longer
Level of teacher instruction: In depth guidance
General description of typical class: A nice flow, good for new and returning students, as well as those who like a slower pace. A great way to check in and refine your practice. By no means “easy,” as often holding the asana is the hardest part!