Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith

Lululemon Athletica Ambassador Alumnni for Buckhead

co-owner, co-director

Jennifer and her daughter

I graduated from Vanderbilt in 1995 and moved to Lake Tahoe to “find myself” before starting business school in 1998. Upon graduating, it became clear to me that I wanted to do something that would fulfill my passion for yoga and also allow me to a hands on mom. It seemed being a yoga teacher was the answer! I had been fascinated with yoga ever since my friend Ian Lopatin took me to my first class in 1996. I kept up a sporadic practice after that, but became serious in my commitment to my practice around 2000. I studied under a local teacher and then went on take many more teacher trainings over the years totaling hundreds of hours. I began teaching in 2002 and continue to focus on learning more every day, both about myself and about the practices of Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow yoga. Luckily, we have so many gifted master teachers that frequent our studio, that I don’t have to travel very much to continue to learn more and more each year! I opened Balance Yoga in 2004 with Alyson Levy, and several years later Marsha McNeight assumed the role of co-owner.

MY LIFE TEACHERS: This life I lead; my parents, my awesome children and pretty much fantastic husband; my friends, fellow teachers and students; the ancient texts and the book of common prayer; and, obviously, the practice of yoga itself!

MY ASHTANGA TEACHERS: ┬áThe beautiful and complex practice itself, in addition to a host of incredible Ashtanga teachers I have been blessed enough to have learned from, including, but not limited to: Adele Gale, David Swenson, Manju Jois, Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann, Paul Dallaghan and most recently, David Garrigues. I hope this list continues to grow and I am lucky enough to learn from many others, and even more importantly to deepen my studies under the tutelage of David Garrigues. Having just finished a fifty-hour intensive under David’s guidance, I am grateful to have found such a knowledgeable and passionate Ashtanga teacher!

MY VINYASA FLOW TEACHERS: In addition to the practice of Ashtanga, I love to teach Vinyasa flow and am looking forward to completing another (200 hour) training in this arena under Shiva Rea, to be completed the fall 0f 2012. Update: I just finished the 75 hours of this training and am blown away with what I have learned so far. Shiva is truly a gifted Vinyasa Flow teacher.

It seems that after years of searching, I have finally found two incredible teachers in David and Shiva to continue to illuminate these practices! I have, it seems, found the two sides of the same coin in that my Ashtanga and Vinyasa practices are being completely refreshed and intertwined through the skill and knowledge of these two teachers. I am grateful.

In my classes, I simply hope to impart the beautiful, and ultimately freeing, language of yoga.