Series & Workshops

December 7, 2019

Paul Dallaghan:

Pranayama Workshop

Prānāyāma Plus:  9-12pm 

Really for students who have been exposed to, and started some level of, Prānāyāma practice. This mini-workshop is designed to encourage you in your practice and help move it along. Naturally, that will involve detail on certain elements as we practice but will not involve basic introduction and explanation of techniques. Instead we will practice more and when specific details need addressing Paul will do so. Paul will also include some energetic exercises and a focused 20-minute āsana routine prior to the Prānāyāma part, and conclude with some sitting practices.


Cost: $60

Early bird pricing: $50 before 11/26/19

About Paul Dallaghan

Paul is one of the pioneering entrepreneurs in the wellness and well-being retreat world, having established Centered Yoga in 1999 in NYC and Samahita Retreat in 2003 in Thailand, leading the field in how yoga, fitness, body and mind hacks, detox, and meditation are all incorporated into the hospitality industry. Paul completed his initial academic studies in economics and business but due to an early personal experience of the inner nature of meditation, he was driven on a personal search for meaning and what made sense in his life. For the past 25 years, he has immersed himself in the path of yoga and meditation, studying and practicing at an advanced level, much of it in India, to become one of the world’s senior teachers of yoga (asana and pranayama breath) and meditative practices.

Paul has been immersed in the practice and study of yoga, the breath, and meditative techniques for over 30 years, has gained a reputation as a yogi, scientist and teacher, while being a happy father to two sons. He has witnessed his own growth through many techniques and years of practice, watching how practices evolve over time as a student develops over time. His dedication to the path of yoga has come from a combination of intense practices, meditative experiences, silent retreats and numerous pilgrimages in India, Tibet and Thailand. He has had the good fortune to spend many rich years with his main teacher in pranayama and the meditative process, Sri O.P. Tiwari, and is now placed to carry forth these teachings and the tradition of Kuvalayananda. He was one of the dedicated few to spend many years living in Mysore with Pattabhi Jois in the old days of ashtanga vinyasa, certified by him, with an expertise in asana. Living in Thailand for many years Paul has also been involved in Buddhist culture and practices, many retreats in forest monasteries which are curiously appropriate for all these yogic practices.

December 15, 2019

Dr. Elizabeth Dalrymple:

Sunday Workshop


Heal Your Spine & Shoulders 11:30-1:30pm $40

Are you experiencing pain, tightness, or discomfort in your neck or shoulders?


Are you suffering from back pain?


Are you ready to get out of pain and learn how to prevent future injuries?

In this workshop Dr. Dalrymple will:

  • unpack the anatomy of the spine and shoulder girdle

  • screen our posture and movement for imbalances

  • provide helpful strategies to rehabilitate any existing issues

  • explore ways to recognize and prevent pain before it starts


Early Bird Special: $10 off before December 1, 2019







About Dr. Elizabeth Dalrymple

Elizabeth Dalrymple is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) who specializes in overhead sports like softball, baseball, volleyball, swimming, tennis and gymnastics. She works at Activcore in Atlanta, Georgia, located just 2 miles from Emory University.

As a former varsity softball player and Ivy League Pitcher of the Year award winner at Cornell University, Elizabeth has a special interest in treating overhead athletes. She holds a Bachelors degree in Nutrition from Cornell University, as well as a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University, ranked among the top 10 PT schools in the country. She is also a graduate from Emory University's Orthopedic Residency program.

Elizabeth goes beyond the symptoms and looks at the whole body to help you recover from pain and injury, and safely return to a fulfilling life of sport, activity and wellness. She is among less than 10% of all physical therapists to have earned the prestigious OCS designation as an orthopedic clinical specialist, making her exceptionally equipped to treat you from head to toe. Additionally, she is recognized nationally as a leading authority in the application of Redcord, a suspension exercise system designed to help you develop a smarter, balanced body through the power of neuromuscular activation.

Elizabeth commits herself every day to helping others achieve their goals by incorporating manual therapy, dry needling and exercise into comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each client's needs. She hopes to meet clients where they are in life, whether that be working towards a healthier lifestyle or honing one’s physical capacity to its highest potential. Her greatest joy comes from connecting with clients on an individual level to create a partnership in physical rehabilitation and wellness.

January 10-12, 2020

David Keil:

Weekend Workshop


3 Day Mysore Schedule Friday - Sunday $150

3 times to choose from:  6am, 7:30am or 9am

You must sign up for all three days. Each session is limited to 12 people.

Saturday Workshop $50

12-2pm: Anatomy of Backbending

Students often crave deep backbends. At the same time, we run into resistance, back compression, or a lack of strength. In this workshop, we will first review the anatomy that is most directly related to backbending.


Many of us spend a lot of time sitting and we know that backbending, to a degree, can be a helpful part of undoing this pattern. The problem is that this pattern, as well as other variables, can also make this a difficult group of postures for many beginners.


Even experienced practitioners often feel discomfort and struggle with their backbends. As much as we appreciate the benefits, backbending takes us beyond the range of motion that we use on a day to day basis.


Understanding the anatomy of backbends will give you a better understanding of where you should keep your focus and intention. You’ll gain important insights into which part of YOUR anatomy may need to change to move you forward as you work with your own backbends.


This is a practical workshop where we will explore different preparation techniques so you can see which ones impact your anatomy and backbends the most.


Just so you know, it’s not all about your spine!


Sunday Workshop $50

12-2pm:  Bandhas Workshop

The bandhas are the most elusive aspect of practice. They’re subtle components of the not very well understood energetic body. What if there were a physical part of them that you could access? What if you knew what these were? Bandha understanding comes theoretically, energetically and physically. Looking at the mysterious bandhas from different points of view will absolutely help you to employ them in your practice. If you can access them, your practice will come from the inside out and be more energetic in nature.

In the Ashtanga Yoga Bandha Workshop, we will first take a broad perspective of what the purpose of yoga asana is and how bandhas fit into it. In order to do this, we will look at the physical aspects of the bandhas as well as access points in the practice. We’ll then explore how breathing relates to creating the energetic fuel for the bandhas. All of this will be employed through practical exercises to have an experience with.

Early Bird Special: 10% off before November 15







About David Keil

David Keil is an Ashtanga practitioner who has traveled the world teaching his YogAnatomy workshops to teachers and students. David is authorized  to teach this method of practice.

David was introduced to yoga in 1989 and began study in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in 2000. He brings his understanding of the human body, the Ashtanga practice and his teaching skills to his classes. He is well known for his adjustments and skills of observation that allow him to share techniques appropriate for you as an individual that will take you and your practice to the next level.